Sports Vision Day at Chadwick’s

Partnering with Chadwick’s to bring our athletes the best, The Competitive Edge will be at our facility Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14th & 15th to do baseline sports vision evaluations.

Evaluations involve task-related tests to determine visual strengths and deficiencies influencing athletic performance. More than a standard eye examination, The Edge’s assessment provides a personalized performance profile of the visual skills used to excel in athletics.


The trainers at The Competitive Edge have worked with many athletes at every level of competition that include collegiate, professional and Olympic.

They say the eyes lead the body. 95% of all physical movement is controlled visually and is the “trigger mechanism” for the first movement of the athlete. Sports Vision training is a critical piece of the puzzle in athletic performance and is meant to compliment any strength and conditioning program.

This type of evaluation with The Edge is normally $250, but as an athlete at Chadwick’s, we are able to offer this to you for $99. Sign ups are at Chadwick’s this week through next Monday.

For more information give us a call at 615.915.4181 and ask for Joshua.

See you soon,

-Chadwicks Staff