Performance Training


At Chadwick’s we train athletes to move safer, faster, stronger and more efficiently.

Our performance training generates measurable results for our athletes. We not only help increase athlete's strength, speed, power, and conditioning, we also help them move better by improving their natural movement patterns and increasing their joint stability and mobility. We help them move faster by teaching mechanics on sprinting and multi-directional movement. We want every athlete to come away from our sports training with knowledge of their own body so they can continue their success throughout their career.

Our performance trainers are all Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and all come from an athletic background. Chadwick's offers private training for one-on-one, small groups, and large groups. We also offer training for teams and clubs. 


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Private Training

One-on-One Training: the best performance training an athlete can get. Each session designed specifically around the individual athlete's needs.

Small Group Training:  a 75-minute session geared around training specific sport needs with the ability to still add some individualized training aspects. 

Large Group Training: great for teams or clubs who are looking for training focused sport specific speed, agility, strength, and injury prevention. 

What is included in Private Training:

  • Movement screen and a pre-training injury assessment administered by one of our Certified Athletic Trainers (not for large group training)
  • Evaluation
  • Post-evaluation


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Chadwick's Athletic Development Class

A one-hour class that focuses on helping young athletes build strength
and move with better mobility & stability in a fun, safe and controlled environment!

Boy & Girl athletes ages of 8-14.

10:00am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

5:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

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