Personal Training

Our Training

At Chadwick’s, we have the best personal trainers in the Cool Springs area. Chadwick's trainers are highly educated and passionate about helping clients reach their health and fitness goals including weight loss, increased strength and cardiovascular fitness, and safer and functional movement patterns. If you are interested in personal training, email or call to schedule a free consult or personal training session.

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Weight Loss

We help our clients lose weight through nutritional guidance and exercise programming. Using industry leading personal evaluations that include a basal metabolic screen, body measurements, and a baseline fitness assessment, we create individual nutrition and exercise plans. This comprehensive approach encourages overall health that is sustainable for years to come.

Increase Strength & Increase Cardiovascular Fitness

Our trainers create personalized programs to reach individual strength and fitness goals: adding or maintaining muscle tone, increasing cardiovascular endurance, or even training for a race.

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Moving Better and Safer

Our goal is for our clients to move better and safer while exercising. Trainers focus on improving functional movement patterns by addressing joint stability and mobility, range of motion, flexibility, core strength, and motor control. We retrain the body to move how it was originally designed, reducing aches and pains and improving everyday life.


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Fitness Assessments

Body Composition - body composition is the measurement of the  percentages of fat, bone, water and muscle in the human body. We estimate a person’s percentage of body fat by taking a skin fold measurement, which is done by using calipers to pinch three individual small sections of the individual's skin and fat tissue. The results will help an individual know how much weight should be lost or gained or if weight should be maintained.



Leave us a testimonial of your experience with Chadwick's.

Jennie who has lost 22 pounds says:
"I've lost 22 pounds. I cam to Chadwick's thorough my son, Brett. He did baseball workouts there in high school. My trainer is incredible. I was extremely out of shape and had shoulder problems. She worked within my limits, encouraging me the entire time. The staff at Chadwick's feel like friends now. It's fun to workout at a place where everyone knows my name. I can do so much more physically than just a few months ago. I am stronger, more coordinated, and no longer need an afternoon caffeine boost."
Lauren who has lost 37 pounds says :
"On this journey I have really learned that consistency is key. A good balance of healthy eating and exercise have been my go to. Making the right food choices to fuel my body and choosing to exercise. It is really important to have some positive people in your support circle. Good vibes are everything! Jared and Zack motivate me every time and keep me moving towards reaching my goal! Everyone at Chadwicks is so positive and motivating.. it really helps to such a great group of people around at the gym!"
"When I contacted Chadwick's, I was desperate for change. Fitness had been an important part of my life since I was a teenager. But somehow it had been pushed to the side for a couple of years. I had tried personal training in the past with mixed results and was skeptical if this would be any different.  It didn't take me long to realize it was. It was better!"
"I started training not with any specific fitness or sport goal in mind but just to be healthier, be more active and mostly to feel better in my body. After just a few sessions, I started noticing changes. I had more energy, I was more focused at work, and I was generally happier.  Unlike the other places I've tried, my trainer has been encouraging without being critical or demeaning. I'm no athlete but with his help, I've reached milestones I've never been able to attain."
"I've been consistently training for almost a year now and firmly believe contacting Chadwick's for those two free sessions was the best decision I could have made.  I'm grateful for Chadwick's and trainer for reigniting my love of fitness, improving my state of mind, and reminding me that change is possible. Fitness is no longer something that I should do. It is part of how I want to live my life."