New Kettlebell Fuse Class

Fuse is adding a new Kettlebell Fuse Class at 7am Tuesday mornings starting July 28th.

This kettlebell group training class is an entry-level class and will be taught by SFG Certified Kettlebell Instructor and Chadwick’s Trainer: Akira Kohjiki (AK).

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Akira Kohjiki (AK) – Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up


Participants will learn basic hardstyle kettlebell exercises such as the swing, Turkish get-up, front squat, clean, military press, and snatch. The training program will consist mainly of kettlebell exercises and bodyweight exercises. If you are looking for something to increase your strength and movement at the same time, this kettlebell group training is what you need!

Akira Kohjiki (AK) - Kettlebell Swing

Akira Kohjiki (AK) – Kettlebell Swing

Benefits of Kettlebell Fuse Group Training

  • Improvements in explosive and maximum strength
  • Increases in general muscle endurance
  • Helps to improve movement patterns
  • Positively impacts your posture
  • Will greatly increase hip mobility and stability
  • Increases your VO2 Max
  • Will activate posterior kinetic chains which include the latissimus dorsi, gluteus muscles, hamstrings and calves
  • Maintains overall health and fitness
AK (Akira Kohjiki)

AK (Akira Kohjiki)

Info on the class leader – Akira Kohjiki

AK received his bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training from Missouri State and his master’s degree in Sports Commerce from the University of Memphis. AK was introduced to kettlebell at Mercy Sports Medicine in Springfield, MO when he was a student athletic trainer. He began training kettlebell in the Sleeping Tiger Fitness Gym at San Luis Obispo, CA on Sep 2012. AK became a certified SFG kettlebell instructor March 2013 at Houston TX.

AK has experience treating clients of all levels from competitive athletes, martial artists, to exercise enthusiasts.