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Proper Rowing Form

Watch Jared teach how to properly use the row machine to allow you to maximize your power and reduce any chance for injury while rowing.

Spartan Race

Join our team for the Spartan Race! Race Day: September 23rd Workout #1: July 15th 8:00am at Crockett Park Endurance training with exercises/”obstacles” Workout #2: August 5th 9:00-11:00am at the Crag Rock Climbing Instructions/advice on how to climb to help you learn how to engage your body in new, different movement patterns that will be required […]

Cryotherapy at Chadwick’s Fitness

We are excited to announce that Music City Cryo has a new location right here at Chadwick’s Fitness. We are to be able to include cryotherapy in the lists of services available at Chadwick’s. How It Works The user stands inside the octagonal-shaped chamber during treatment on an adjustable platform, which ensures their head remains […]

Blueberry Season!

Blueberry season is just around the corner, and there’s nothing much better than a fresh, hand-picked blueberry. If you know Chadwick’s well, you probably know our front desk staff member, Tyler DeBoer. His family is the proud owner of  Golden Bell Farm, a blueberry farm where you and your family can come and hand pick your own […]

Holistic Nutrition

Trainer: Jared White SCCC, CSCS Email: HolisticNutrition Introduction: Nutrition allows your body to operate optimally and gives it the ability to heal itself and perform when you need it the most! We can easily overlook the fact that what we put into our bodies has a direct effect on its performance. We have many […]

Chadwick’s Partnering With For a Great Cause

From Joshua Costello: I wanted to share a little bit about an amazing trip that I went on this past June.  This trip was to the Dominic Republic and I traveled to some poor areas that are in need of clean water. This trip was led by a non-profit called “Food For The Hungry” (FFH) and […]

New Kettlebell Fuse Class

Fuse is adding a new Kettlebell Fuse Class at 7am Tuesday mornings starting July 28th. This kettlebell group training class is an entry-level class and will be taught by SFG Certified Kettlebell Instructor and Chadwick’s Trainer: Akira Kohjiki (AK).   Participants will learn basic hardstyle kettlebell exercises such as the swing, Turkish get-up, front squat, clean, military […]

Sports Vision Day at Chadwick’s

Partnering with Chadwick’s to bring our athletes the best, The Competitive Edge will be at our facility Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14th & 15th to do baseline sports vision evaluations. Evaluations involve task-related tests to determine visual strengths and deficiencies influencing athletic performance. More than a standard eye examination, The Edge’s assessment provides a personalized performance […]