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Squat vs Deadlift

The squat and the deadlift are two of the most basic (yet complicated) lifts and movement patterns for the lower body. We use them in workouts at the gym all of the time, but often it can be confusing for clients to know when to perform each pattern and what the differences are in each individual pattern. […]

Benefits of Cross-Training for Halfs and Marathons

It’s running season!  Cross-training is one of the hot topics in the running world for those preparing to run a half marathon, full marathon, or even their first 5k.  If you’re wondering what cross-training is exactly, let’s break it down… Cross-training is defined by ACE (the American Council on Exercise) as “an exercise regimen that […]

Squats… Can the knees come past the toes?

The age old argument of how to do a squat correctly still rages on…   When we teach the squat we, as movement specialists, ask: what is the purpose of a squat? The squatting movement pattern was NOT originated in a weightroom; it has been a movement that you have used since you were born […]

It’s The Little Things

If you’re frustrated because you’re not seeing the results that you want to see on the scale, even while working out regularly, maybe you should consider some of the “little things” that can certainly add up to be “big things”!

Contrary Action

We have all heard the expression, “A strong body leads to a strong mind.” Have you ever really put that to it’s test?? Studies show that depression affects nearly 19 million adults each year… Yes, that is each year. There are numerous ways to treat depression but probably the least talked about way, and my […]

Setting Goals Worth Working Toward

At some point in their lives, most people set goals related to their health and fitness. Sometimes this goal setting is stimulated by their own desires to change, and other times it is brought on by the encouraging (or nagging) of others. Unfortunately, many people who set health and fitness related goals find themselves doomed […]

Summer Performance Training

School is out for the summer! Our Performance Staff is excited to train the athletes this summer. Here is an update on what is new for Chadwick’s Performance as well as a reminder of our three types of training. Types of Training Within our Performance Training we train within all 3 types for all sports: […]

The Secret to Motivation

Whether I am at a social event or the grocery store, as soon as a person finds out I’m a personal trainer, the questions start to fly. “What’s the best way to work this?” “What should I eat?” “How do I just get rid of my belly?” I always counter with “What do you do […]

Top Ten List by Greg

I’ve always been a fan of top-ten lists. What a better way to improve your well-being than to apply my top-ten list to your life. 10. 75% of your plate, each meal, shold be non-starchy vegetables. 9. Even diet soda causes weight gain, so give that up. 8. Walking isn’t always the cardiovascular exercise your […]

5 Reasons Why YOU Need a Personal Trainer

Personal Training is not for everyone, but for many, a Certified Personal Trainer is someone who can provide benefits to you that you may not be able to provide while working out on your own. Here are five reasons why YOU need a Personal Trainer. 1. Lose Weight Why are the top two reasons people […]