Athlete of the Month – Alexys Haskins

Read what Alexys has to say…


Age: 19

Sport: Softball

Position: Middle Infield


1.What organization do you play for?

School Ball: Oakland Patriots

Travel Ball: Southern Force


2.What pulled you into playing the sport you decided to play?

I’ve played several sports…softball, basketball and soccer. To play any sport at a high competitive level, you must be very committed and focused. It was hard to do all three at that level. I just had a love for the game that I didn’t have with any of the other sports. For much of my career, I played on a team in Atlanta. We had a great coach and despite girls coming from many states, we were a very close knit group of players and just had fun on the field.


3.What is the most exciting aspect of playing this sport?

I’d say the most exciting aspect of softball is the competition and intensity level of the game. It’s a very fast paced sport and pushes you to become a better athlete.


img_83784.Where do you see yourself in the future within this sport?

I have a scholarship to play softball at Kennesaw State University. I would love to see the future of softball rise to what baseball has become. From Olympic to Pro. There is so much talent in softball and to have the stage that baseball has would be great for our sport! And I’d love to be on both an Olympic and Pro team!


5.What do you like most about your performance training at Chadwicks?

I love the entire Chadwicks staff and how they’re dedicated to helping every athlete become better. I admire their consistency and how you can always expect to have a great workout every time you walk into the building.


6.How has Chadwicks Performance training helped you on the field?

I’ve been training at Chadwicks for about 6 years now and I’ve improved tremendously. My speed, strength, hand eye coordination and awareness of the game are top notch because of Chadwicks and their commitment to helping me be the best athlete out there.