7 Benefits of Movement Training

Why You Need Movement Training?

Recently, there has been a lot of buzz around movement training and how it is a revolutionary style of exercising. Fitness experts all over have been raving about the benefits of this technique. In fact, movement training recently made headlines when Connor McGregor attributed his professional success at the MMAs and his recent form to movement training. It really makes you wonder whether this new regimen is actually worth a try or if it is just another fitness fad?  In order to really gauge the authenticity of movement training, you will first need to understand what movement training is and what it comprises.


What is Movement Training?

Movement training or functional training is all about training your body to help you increase your scope of movement and optimize your overall mobility. This is achieved by training the body and the neuromuscular system to execute basic movement patterns that it was originally created to do from birth. Once the movement patterns are mastered, they can be implemented into more advanced resistance & endurance training exercises.

How Movement Training Gets Better Results?

As opposed to many common workouts which focus on isolating a single muscle, movement training uses full-body movement patterns that train entire muscle groups. When training movement patterns safely and correctly, you see tremendous gains in full-body strength and endurance, you minimize the typical aches and pains that often accompany working out, and you have a much higher resistance to injury while being active or competing in sports.

An additional benefit to movement training is a higher calorie burn due to the targeting of a larger number of muscle groups. When using more muscle fibers, a greater number of calories must be burnt to sustain the exercise. As a result, more fat is being lost. When combining functional movement exercises with HITT (high intensity interval training) you get the result of a major calorie burn during the workout plus the EPOC calorie benefit long after you’ve finished your workout. EPOC or the excess post oxygen consumption refers to the amount of calories your body burns after working out in order to restore your body to its normal, resting level. Research has previously proven that shorter, more intense full-body workouts, like HITT, TABATA, or Crossfit help burn a greater amount of calories overall as opposed to low-intensity workouts conducted for longer durations. Overall movement training enables you to better accomplish all of your fitness goals with the bonus of keeping your body safer and feeling better for years to come.


7 Benefits of Movement Training:

  1. Major Decrease Chronic Aches and Pains
    Movement pattern training helps to reset your neuromuscular system and get it working way it was designed to from birth. Training focuses on improving functional movement patterns by addressing joint stability and mobility, range of motion, flexibility, core strength, and motor control. When your body is moving in the way it was designed to instead of incorrectly due to growth spurts, past injuries, or sitting at a desk all day, stress will be eliminated from the body in areas such as the low back and the knees. With functional movement training, the body feels better and is able to sustain pain-free daily actives like it was meant to do.
  2. Increased Resistance to Injuries
    Along with reducing chronic pain, movement training helps build resistance to future injuries. This is accomplished because the body has better mobility and stability in joints which reduces wear and tear on the body. It also decreases the chance for losing balance as well as the chance for sports related injuries.
  3. Weight Loss
    Movement training goes hand in hand with working out to lose weight. Movement training focuses on large muscle groups rather than isolating individual muscles. Firing more muscle fibers means burning more calories and burning more fat. This combined with other weight loss training methods such as HIIT workouts creates an insane calorie burn.
  4. Increased Strength
    Once movement patterns are understood and executed safely, weight can be added to the movement in numerous creative ways to benefit the body. This is where a good personal trainer can have a lot of fun combining functional exercises to a strength and cardio program. When the correct amount of weight or resistance is added with the appropriate amount of time or reps, strength gains can be quickly achieved.img_3693
  5. Cardiovascular Fitness
    Functional movements can and should be used to get the heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular fitness. You can use these exercises with circuit training, HITT, or TABATA workouts to get a cardio kick. You can also use movement training along with endurance training such as running


    Many people believe the best way to achieve a cardiovascular fitness or a full-body work is by running. However, most of them forget to take into account the detrimental effects of running. While it is extremely beneficial in terms of weight loss and endurance conditioning, running also adds unnecessary stress on the lower joints and can lead to injuries such as IT Band tightness, stress fractures, runners knee, inactive glutes, and much more. They also often times fail to get a complete recovery of their muscles in between runs. With movement training, not only will you be able to continue your regular runs while ensuring weight loss, but you will also be able to ensure that your body can take the stress without damaging your lower joints and leg muscles. Think of movement training as way to enhance the value you receive from running.Cardio fitness can be achieved in many forms and fashions but using functional training with cardio training is the safest way to see results that you can sustain long term. Plus, when adding strength training with cardio training, the body see better results and less fatigue.

  6. Better Performance in Sports or Other Forms of Exercises
    Movement training eliminates the gaps that traditional training methods miss. Besides all of the already mentioned perks that functional training would have on sports performance, movement training can be directly applied to sports specific motion. This will improve specific sport technique and prevent common overuse injuries. Be sure to seek advice from a certified sports performance trainer (such as one with their CSCS), not a general personal trainer when looking to improve with sport specific training. A good performance trainer who knows movement training will be able to teach perfect mechanics for increasing speed, agility, power, jump height and much more
  7. General Health and Fitness
    Movement training is also beneficial for individuals who are generally looking to improve their physical health and fitness as it propagates the importance of understanding the body’s natural movements and leveraging those to amplify the end result! Unlike other forms of exercise, movement training doesn’t focus on one goal, say weight loss or gaining muscle mass, but instead ensures overall fitness through a combination of strength training, mobility training and endurance training. This combined with healthy eating will improve your health and how you feel in every day life.


Why You Need Chadwick’s Movement Experts?

To be able to enjoy these benefits, simply picking the right training method isn’t enough. To guarantee the effectiveness of the training, you also need to ensure that you train with a well-certified experienced trainer. Finding the perfect workout could mean nothing if you don’t have the right trainer in place to teach you proper form and technique as well as hold you accountable. Be sure to do your research and pick a trainer who really understands your individual needs as opposed to following a basic cookie-cutter solution!

This is why, at Chadwick’s, we ensure that all our trainers have the right certifications and experience to enable them to truly understand what our clients need while keeping them motivated to achieve their personal fitness goals. At Chadwick’s we expect an under graduate degree level certification, a pursuit to continue to learn, and a passion for helping people succeed. Our trainers are set on helping our clients reach their health and fitness goals, be it weight loss, increased strength and cardiovascular fitness, or a pain free daily life with functional movement patterns!